Syntheri Rock Dandeli

A 300 feet tall monolithic granite, with the Kaneri River rushing by its side, the Syntheri Rock is a spectacular sight for everyone in Dandeli. The effect of erosion is found in the hollows on this rock. Arock that is formed due to the volcanic eruption millions of years ago located inside the dense forest of Dandeli wildlife sanctuary. It is one of the most loved places by the tourists in Dandeli. This place was discovered in 20th century by a lady named “Cinthera” in Dandeli and hence it was named as syntheri rock. The huge rock has been hollowed due to the erosions. Nuerous pigeons and honeybees are inhabited in the corners of this rock.

You can either walk through the dense forest or can opt for a jeep to enter this place which is controlled by the forest department of Dandeli. The rock is 300 Ft high and 400 Ft long. You can feel the different colour and texture on this stone when you reach close to it which is due to the volcanic eruptions. Beautiful trees and birds can be seen in the way when you are going to visit Dandeli’s syntheri rocks. No food and refreshments are available at the place. It is adviced to carry sunglasses as sometimes it get too hot in summers. Winters is the best season to visit as during monsoon, the rock gets slippery.

You need to either start early morning or late afternoon for a visit to Syntheri rocks Dandeli because it involves a considerable descent down many steps, and then walking through the dense forests to the banks of river Kaneri, a small river that eventually merges into Kali River. This historical place makes a lovely getaway. A natural beauty in the western ghats of dandeli can be seen here.

Distance of Syntheri Rocks from dandeli :

30 KMs

Trip duration of Syntheri Rocks from Dandeli:

2-3 hours

Best season to Visit Syntheri rocks in Dandeli:

October to March

Location of Syntheri Rocks : Inside Dandeli wildlife sanctuary

Entry fee of Syntheri Rocks Dandeli : Rs. 20

Timings of Syntheri rocks Dandeli :

10 AM to 05:30 PM