Bird Watching Dandeli

Bird watching is a form of wildlife observation which can be done through naked eye, binoculars and telescopes. Binoculars are mostly used to watch and study birds without harming them. Dandeli is the best Place for bird watching as it is a thick dense forestall area where a number of bird species can be found and can be captured in cameras. A nature lover will surely love the place due to this activity specially, peaceful nature and the chirping of birds is a feeling which cannot be explained.

Dandeli is a home to more than 300 species of birds and is known for its wildlife. If you are a bird lover and want to capture the pictures of different species of birds from one point, you are at the right place. Dandeli is a must visit for you in that case. You will just fall in love with the beauty and the elligance this place have, the peaceful environment with the chirp of birds is just heart warming.

Dandeli is surrounded by forest and river which makes it a perfect place for bird watching. With the help of a local travel guide, you can explore the different species of birds at this place. While going on a bird watching in Dandeli tour do not forget to take you cameras with you to capture some wonderful and exotic moments. Bird watching is also considered as a stress buster. Watching colourful birds in the lovely environment is a beautiful experience. Dandeli is a place where you can watch the birds in their natural habitat. You can enjoy this activity with your family or friends.

Visitors can found both local and migrating birds in Dandeli which includes- kingfisher, honey bird, peacock, black-crested bulbul, blue-headed pitta, broad-billed roller, crested serpent eagle, great hornbill, woodpecker etc. Dandeli has 4 species of Hornbil out of 9 species in the worls which makes this place worth visiting.

There are many bird Watching places in Dandeli which are :

  • Kulgi Nature Camp environs
  • Ganeshgudi, Dandeli Timber Depot
  • Shirali Village
  • Bomanahalli dam
  • Syntheri Rocks
  •  Dandeli sanctuary

 Dandeli sanctuary :

You may visit the core area of Dandeli Sanctuary along with the guide. The purity of nature reduces the stress and freshens the mind. Dandeli is one of the richest forest in India. It is a territory of Black Panthers. No other place can be so real as Dandeli. People from all over the country come to explore its beauty and to sleep in nature’s lap. The beauty of the place is adorable.

Tips for bird watchers in Dandeli:

  1. Be calm and patient while watching birds. Try spoting the distinguishing features like bill, tail and to identify the bird species.
  2. If you are going out on this tour during the breeding season, you need to pay extra care. Do follow the advice of local guide.
  3. If you come across a bird nest, do not touch the eggs or come closer to the nest.

Question : What is the best Time for Bird Watching in Dandeli?

Answer : Best time for bird watching in Dandeli is Early Morning.

Question: Which is the best season for bird watching in Dandeli?

Answer : The best season for bird watching in Dandeli is Winters (from October to april).