Anshi National Park Dandeli

Almost adjoining the Dandeli reserve is the Anshi National park – yet another picturesque location for the most beneficial wildlife tour. This park is characterized by deep valleys, steep hills and rich forests for much pleasurable attentions. Anshi national park is a Tiger Reserve in Dandeli. It is a home to black Panthers and many other animals. It is spread over an area of 1300 square kms. Kali river flows through the reserve in Dandeli and it was earlier known by the name of Kali Tiger reserve which is now renamed to Anshi national park.

Black panther, elephants, tigers, bison,sloth bear ,bonnet macaque, muntjac, deer, wild dog, jackal, leopard, civet, giant squirrel,civet, king cobra, snakes, hornbill and many other animals can be found in Dandeli, it is considered to be the best place where you can view different animals, birds and reptiles better than any other place. People from all over the world visit here . Anshi national park is a must visit place in dandeli when you are on a tour to this place.

Kulgi camp has accommodation available in tents. You can also go for water sports in Dandeli and can opt for trekking while on a visit to Anshi national park. You just need to enjoy the nature with fresh air at this place. Experience the exotic flora and fauna of Dandeli in the evergreen tropical rain forest, Anshi National Park. This place has to offer you “nature at its best” , the best sceneries and a pleasant environment. You cannot resist visiting this place after visiting dandeli. The beautiful valley and dense forest makes this place attractive to tourists. The park receives heavy rainfall of around 2500 mm every year. There are a lot of things to do near the park including trekking, water rafting and has many villages near to it which are worth visiting.

Tourists interested in bird watching must visit the Anshi national park in Dandeli as it has a number of bird species which can be seen there. Also, the natural presence of black panther make this place adorable. Here, at this park, you can feel the nature’s love . Also, if you want to stay more here, government at dandeli also provides some accommodation as tents which are very relaxing. Dandeli National Park is a great place to visit for a vacation that gives you both thrill and peace in nature’s own balance. The surrounding attractions and excursion extend the pleasure of the experience.

Best Season to Visit Anshi National Park Dandeli :

October to May

Visiting time for Anshi National Park Dandeli:

6:00 AM to 6:00 PM