Rafting in Dandeli

Rafting is an outdoor activity which uses a raft to navigate a river of water. This is an adventurous sport which asks more of your consciousness and careful attitude. Rafting is done in white water and this is why Dandeli is considered as the best for rafting due to the kali river which flows white water.

Dandeli which is located on the River kali is one of the best river rafting in the entire country. It is a 12 Km long stretch which makes it a most exciting and adventurous thing . Rafting in Dandeli is done in whitewater which requires teamwork. Rapids in Dandeli river are classified into two grades- grade 2 and grade 3. Grade 2 rapids are relatively easy with little bumps and easy passages while grade 3 is for professionals. However, due to the presence of skilled instructors, it is safe. This adventure begins at around 09:00 AM in the morning from Ganeshgudi where you will be provided with the safety equipments and life jackets.

The duration of this activity is around 4 hours. This is the most enthralling activity of Dandeli. The Dandeli experience while rafting in white water is unmatched. You may choose from time slots : 09:30 AM, 11:00 AM and 12:30 PM. Dandeli, which is 800 feet above the sea level receives heavy rain throughout the year due to the dense tropical rain forests it has. The refreshing location of Dandeli and the thrill of rafting in river Kali , this 90 minute activity will add an experience for lifetime. The more popular among rafting in Dandeli is Jungle Lodges and Resorts, and the Kali River Camp. The tour organizers give the tourist a choice of a 9-km 4-hour run or a 4-km 2-hour run.

Dandeli is the most popular center for river rafting in India which attracts thousands of adventure seekers from all over the world. River rafting is an activity which not only fits adults but is also enjoyed by kids. Instructors are available here at Dandeli to guide you about the instructions on Rafting to make your experience a much better and enjoyable one, and ofcourse safe. Rafting helps in overcoming your fears and defeating the challenges.

All the safety measures are taken into consideration here as we believe ”safety comes first”. No doubt rafting is a fun activity but it is good to be aware of the risk involved and take precautions as you will be told by the instructor.

River rafting is fit for the people of all age group except minors. The best time for river rafting starts from mid September to may. It can be done with a minimum of two people and a maximum of 8. The best thing about Dandeli rafting is that you can even opt for it if you do not know swimming. You may float for hours with the help of life jacket.

Dandeli Rafting Package Inclusions:

  • Transportation included with raft transporting vehicle only.
  • We provide wetsuits, booties during winters.
  • All class rafting gear (rafts, life jackets, helmets, dry bags).
  • Experienced river guides and kayak professionals with International Certifications for white water rescue and First Aid/CPR.