Hornbill River Resort Dandeli

One of top the 5-start resorts in Dandeli, Hornbill River resort is an exclusive stay lined with cottages, tree-houses and tents. It comes in luxury segment of accommodation with tariff starting from INR 13000 onwards. The Dandeli resort offers rafting, bird watching and jungle safari too for its guests. The Dandeli Hornbill river resort is located in Ambeli village and it is advised to use a Google map to reach the location.

The Hornbill river resort also provides a garden and free parking at Dandeli. Imagine a day when you are waking up by a riverside with the beautiful nature, the chirping of birds, green forest and fresh air. Who would not love to reside at a place for a couple of days away from the hectic city life. The Place is just next to a dream come true.

Hornbill river resort is one of the popular resorts in dandeli. The name of the bird in itself is enough to attract all the bird lovers. People from all over the world love to stay here for the facilities it provides. The serene and calm environment of the place will amaze you. The place also has to offer some activities for the tourists like rafting, trekking, bird watching, jungle walk, night safari, rock climbing, camp stays and much more. It offers four different types of accommodation you can choose from which is a cottage, tent house, tree house, and a rock house. The Place is perfect for a family vacation with the luxury cottages and natural Jacuzzi. A get-away from the city life into the arms of nature is a great experience. You will feel the calmness that the nature has, the place is very relaxing and adorable. The food in the Hornbill river resort Dandeli is just like home.

Location Of Hornbill River Resort : Ambeli Village, Near Supa Dam, Ganeshgudi, Joida

Amenities at Hornbill River Resort Dandeli :

  • Attached washrooms
  • Drinking water
  • Breakfast
  • Room service
  • Laundry service
  • Television in each room

Tariff for 2 people at Dandeli’s Hornbill River Resort :

Tent house : Rs 8000/day

Tree house: Rs 14000/day

Cottages : Rs 10000/day

Question : What does Tariff charges at Hornbill River Resort Includes?

Answer : Food and accommodation, Jacuzzi, boat ride, trekking, bird watching and nature walk.