Kavala Caves Dandeli

Kavala caves are located at a distance of 25 kilometers from Dandeli. One needs to trek almost a thousand steps through forest to reach this group of caves for thrill of these ancient caves. Kavala Caves is inside dandeli’s  wildlife sanctuary and the trip duration is almost 4 hours including the travel time. It is at a distance of 12 Km from Dandeli. Kavala caves are the natural caves and the utmost place of attraction for tourists in Dandeli.

They are deep in the forest and was formed by a volcanic activity. Kavala caves in Dandeli are very small and sometimes you need to crawl to get through. They are also known by Limestone Caves or Sidda. You need to carry a torch or a candle inside the cave as the passage is dark . There is a temple also at the entrance of the cave. An amazing view of river Kali along with the trek through the valley can be experienced.

Dandeli’s Forest department organizes the trip to Kavala caves each morning at 6 AM. A walk of around 3-4 Km can take you to the Kavala caves. You may also rent a jeep for it or can opt for a private tour of a four-wheeler vehicle. It is a wonderful adventure with the presence of snakes and bats inside the dark cave. These caves have a lot of stalagmite formations. Kavala caves are located 25 Kms from the base camp of Dandeli. The name Kavala originated from the kannada word Kavala which means raw nut and that is how the shape of these caves looks like. The naturally formed shivalinga is nature’s miracle and must not be missed in a trip to Dandeli. Kavala Caves is the example of natural beauty of Dandeli place.

Question : Which is the best season to visit Kavala Caves?

Answer : Best season to visit Kavala Caves is from October to February.

Trekking fee for Kavala Caves Dandeli :

Rs. 475

Distance of Kavala Caves from Dandeli:

24 Kms